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They returned on the sixth day and found Ali Ibn Muhammad Samari in a state of illness, grappling with death pangs. They enquired once again,.

Patrol Deputy - Ada County Sheriff

Al Ghaybah by Shaikh at-Tusi r. The prophecy made by Imam a. With this decree, Imam a. The decree was a pointer to the fact that in the future during the Major Occultation , none would be able to meet Imam a. It made it abundantly clear that any person who claimed to meet or to be able to meet Imam a. On one hand we see that if a person claims to meet Imam az-Zaman a. However, on the other hand, there are numerous incidents and events reported in books where not only scholars, but also ordinary people have met Imam a. Allamah Majlisi r. His reply is beneficial even to the scholars after him.

We clarify his position on the above issue as follows:. As reported by illustrious scholars, one reason could be that the one who claims to have met Imam a. Since there are several incidents of people having met Imam a. It is also possible that the one who contends to be able to see Imam a.

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Anyone who makes such a preposterous claim in the Major Occultation is a pretender and deserves to be snubbed. So, meeting Imam a. It is just that in the Major Occultation, meeting Imam a.

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Rather Imam a. Ayatullah Baqar Al-Sadr r. This elaborate programme protected the Shias from the difficulties arising from the occultation of Imam a. Thus the responsibility to represent the Imam a. This viewpoint is endorsed by the famous tradition of Imam az-Zaman a. It is possible that the tradition may have been reported twice and there is nothing wrong with that. We can understand clearly that the unmistakable message in the tradition is towards the solution of issues and dilemmas that would arise during the Major Occultation.

The fourth special deputy passed away on 15th Shabaan, AH. His demise was accurately prophesied by Imam a. The period of his deputyship lasted for approximately 3 years from AH to AH. Shaikh Abbas Qummi r. He passed away in the year A.

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His grave is in Baghdad near the tomb of Shaikh Kulaini r. Nowadays this area is more popular as Sooqul Kutub which is on the eastern bank of the river Dajlah. For centuries, lovers of Imam az-Zaman a. He was struck in the right shoulder but the round didn't penetrate his flesh.

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  • A unit apartment that houses people being treated for mental health issues was searched but no arrests were made. The rifle-like pellet gun was found in an apartment. A shooter remains at large after wounding a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy in a station parking lot in the Mojave Desert city of Lancaster.

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    • The search had focused on a block-long, four-story building with many windows overlooking the sheriff's station. Deputy Angel Reinosa was hit shortly before 3 p. Wednesday as he was heading to his car in the station employee parking lot. Home All Sections Search.


      Log In Welcome, User. I remember him, on more than one occasion, saying, 'I just love my wife. Deputy Roberts immediately lit up when he saw it was his wife and his child. Deputy Roberts was very excited to come to work everyday, but the highlight of his day was always his family. Citizens who wish to donate money to Roberts' family can do so at Great Southern Bank locations across Missouri.

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      The sheriff's office has started a Gofundme campaign for Roberts' family. More: Greene County deputy dies after being swept away in high water, department says. Aaron Roberts.