How To Raise Up A Kid Or Two

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I think it is where imagination is born!! I absolutely LOVE this post! As a child of the 90s I can speak from experience and say this is all SOO true! Love your points so much! I find myself tearing up as I read your reasons bc I would relate with every single one of them! I Have two crazy boys and I try to be a much close to my wonderful childhood days that lacked electronics, but your points gave me a refresher and reminder of how we DO need to let kids be slow and do things at their own pace. Loooove this article! Your childhood must have been very different from mine. I remember literally spending all day in front of a screen.

My husband and I talk all the time about how it is so different today than when we were kids. You make great points though and my kids to have the best possible childhood. I wish that we lived in a safer world and I wouldnt be nervous letting my 5 year old play in the street with friends without being right next to him. I think we should go back a whole other decade to get to kids who grew up not entitled!

7 Ways to Raise a Well-Rounded Kid

Thanks for your comment. Others may have had different experiences tho. Thanks for sharing! We had video games and gameboys then as well, and as mentioned before earlier generations went out and got dirty and played on their bikes. Then straight to dinner and homework and then only an hour left before bedtime comes. I understand how easy it is to get the kids out of the way so you can cook, clean etc and get it all done before your own bedtime and hopefully some time to relax with your partner or a book. Parenting is believe is all about mindfulness and patience.

Take the time to stop and listen to the sounds, the smells.

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And we can have some great conversations and fun while doing it. Our teen will play on his iPad while we watch something even though he chose it, but if we play a games everyone is involved! This is an awesome post! This fellow 90s kid totally agrees.

How to Raise Happy Kids: 10 Steps Backed by Science

I am not a mom yet but I will be doing the same thing when I am. So glad I cam across this post!! So beautifully said, it reminds me of my childhood so much and I want this for my daughter, thanks for helping me remember the special things from my childhood, and inspiring me to do the same for my babe. So sweet! That said, when we go outside and play with local families we do know, I let my toddler run around with the older kids and expand his range a bit. Fully agree with you. We let our kids play outside with friends a lot — -BUT we are always watching them.

I loved growing up in the 90s! I love this article! We were glued to our bikes, had deep friendships, and were not overindulged. What a lovely n sure shot idea to raise kids in a time when there are so many wrong ways. I love you. The doctor mommy. Your family needs to find balance and a schedule that works for you. I wanted to give my kids a childhood like I had — where we were glued to our bikes, not our phones. You may also like Monique Grimes says: Posted on July 17, at pm.

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I LOVE the title of this article. Well said. Thank you.

Raluca says: Posted on February 13, at pm. Sam says: Posted on July 29, at pm. Jen says: Posted on September 7, at am. Jennifer - parent smarter not harder says: Posted on February 13, at pm. Beth says: Posted on February 13, at pm. Live Learn Better says: Posted on February 14, at pm. Tiffany Barry says: Posted on February 15, at pm. Madi Dearson madidearson. Lauren Floyd says: Posted on March 18, at pm. Libraries and museums are great ideas! It really gets their imagination going, too! Amy says: Posted on March 27, at am. Asia says: Posted on May 11, at pm. Nyxinked says: Posted on June 13, at am.

Jennifer ONeal says: Posted on June 14, at pm. Nicole says: Posted on June 22, at pm. Kristin says: Posted on July 8, at am. Dana says: Posted on July 2, at pm. Kate says: Posted on July 6, at pm. Lola Mccray says: Posted on July 8, at pm.

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  • Jandyn says: Posted on July 8, at pm. Brianna says: Posted on July 12, at pm. Kylee says: Posted on July 12, at pm. Jonnelle says: Posted on July 14, at pm. Thank you! Renata says: Posted on July 15, at pm. Melissa says: Posted on July 16, at pm. Thanks for commenting! Here are a few ideas for how to make it work:. If you need fresh ideas, check out this list of the best picture books approved by kids and parents. How to Fix It: Try moving your read-aloud time earlier in the day. This can be tough.

    How to Raise an Adventurous Kid, but Not a Risk-Seeking Lunatic | Fatherly

    My kids are 10, 5, 3, and newborn. I can read a picture book to the younger three, but that leaves out the oldest. Or I can read a chapter book to the two big kids, but that leaves out the two little kids. But as it turns out, kids asking questions during a book are an essential part of the learning process:. This is even more the case with children and books. Unfortunately for us as parents, repeated readings of a book are exactly what your child needs in order to learn. They end up hearing the same words over and over again, which cements the vocabulary in their brain.

    See above. One way to make reading aloud more doable is to turn it into a game, so I designed a free printable read-aloud challenge you can start today with your family. Your kids will love it, and so will you! What an awesome article, Kelly! With two children five years apart I can identify with much of what you say. My children have both been spelling bee winners in their small school.

    My son was done being read to by 2nd grade, my daughter and I read together until she was in 5th-6th grade. Our family does audio books for trips to school and road trips. I LOVE this! I have always read to my boys every night before bed. I made it a priority because I knew how much they liked it. Even as infants I read to them. When my oldest was old enough to read chapter books on his own, we read the Percy Jackson series taking turns reading chapters. I enjoy it as much as they do. There have been times where I was just too tired, it happens, and I let them know and read longer the next night.

    This is the tried and tested truth… reading aloud everyday does wonders. Thanks for this reminder as my eldest is 6 years old and she has now started to read really well so lately I started to take a back seat… tonight she urged me to read to her..